Hi everybody!!!

We’re making this as painless as possible this year, so, here it is:


Sign-ups are closed.  


Thank you to all the people who wanted to participate!!!



Aurea & Ari, SeSa Mods

Authors have been revealed.

Thank you for another successful year! See you at the end of 2014.


The Sesa Mods

Ariadne and Aurea.


Dear Sesas,

Enjoy :)




Aurea & Ari, Your SeSa Mods


Hey dear Sesa!!

The day is here and in a few hours all of you will be able to read and see your amazing presents for this year.

We’d like to take this moment to say thank you to all of you for having been so incredible this year.  We believe it’s been the first year in seven years when we haven’t needed last minute pitch hitters and we truly appreciate all the effort you’ve made.

We also want to thank you for the suggestions that we’ve received, and we promise we’ll look into them all!

Again, in a few hours you’ll get your gifts under your virtual gift. Just as a reminder: you don’t need to log in into your accounts to send any feedback to any Sesas. We use the Gravatar system, which basically means you can just use your e-mail address andyour comment will appear.

We kindly remind all the Sesas not to respond to any comment to the specific gift you crafted until the reveal on January 6th.

In the mid-time, we hope you guys are having a blast today/tonight and we’ll send you an e-mail letting you know about the stories and images going live as soon as it’s done (and we promise you’ll love them!)

Ari & Aurea

Well, this is me just letting you know that the sesa assignments were already sent and we are good to go.

Should you have any further questions don’t hesitate and ask me. :)


It’s that time of the year!!!



Thanks for signing up! :D

We’ll be making the draw shortly so please be on the watch for your assigments. They should be in your inboxes on the 21th of this month.

Thanks for voting :)

Screen cap of results.

Screen cap of results.

Please be on the watch for the Sesa 2013 invitation. Any further questions that you may have please write to us to the sesa mail, or leave a comment below.

The mods.

Hello Girls! it’s almost *that* time of the year!! :D

Aren’t you excited?
Well, we sure are! So let’s get on with the pesky little details before the season opens, shall we?

We decided to make some things different this year and we hope you guys love it as much as we do! We’re giving a spin to the challenge and we’re making it via invite at least for this year. We want to minimize those little things that make the challenge go awry. Hence, we want to make sure everybody is punctual with the deadlines and we also want to cut down the use of last minute pinch hitters. Who gets invited? Well, those who have shown us they care about the challenge and have never failed it, so, you guys are getting an e-mail with the invitation and a link to the sign-up form.

As usual please be sure to read the rules (which this year will stay the same) before signing up.

Also, this year the challenge will be centered in STS classic series ONLY. That way, we’ll make writing the prompts easier for everybody and you guys won’t have to worry about becoming super knowledgeable on any of the spin-offs. So STS classic it is for now! Please when you write your request bear in mind this little modification.

That being said, you may now only request:

-Galactic Tournament
-Sanctuary Saga
-Asgaard Saga
-Poseidon Saga
-Hades Saga
-Mixed Eras
-Alternative Universe (Saints in every day clothes who are not warriors: like “saga as lawyer” or Hyoga as an ice cream entrepaneur, or STS in the west. etc.)

We removed the option of “other”-

  • Like last year, we will continue to keep the recipient hidden. We know that last year not knowing who your recipient was was an extra challenge, but since it was so successful and everybody had so much fun, we want to keep it for a while longer, you don;t have to get all worked up over who your recipient is, and well, you get to enjoy the double challenge!

So that’s it! be prepared!!!! :DDDDDD

*appears from thin air*

Now you can check who your hidden Sesa was!!!

All author’s names have been revealed and your names, signatures and whatnot are up, displayed on the Sesa site.

We the mods, want to thank all of you, for making this possible -as usual-. Thanks to all those who delivered promptly, Many more thanks to all those who helped us with the heavy pinch hit!!! And lost of kisses and extra good vibrations to all those who not only thank their sesas but *also* left feedback everywhere. This has been a very busy and incredible year!!! We cannot believe it’s been 6 years already and that we are going for the 7th in a row!!

You can now post your images or fics elsewhere. Also you can now answer all feedback and make new friends ;)

Please be on the watch. We’ll be running some polls for next year run (lots of surprises coming your way!!!). If would be great if you can stop by and comment on how things were this year. Remember, all feedback helps us not only to improve the event, but also keep it alive.

Happy New Year 2013!

May Athena be with you ;)

Well ladies, the reveal is just hours away. So *please* all those who couldn’t or haven’t leave feedback, please we encourage to do so! Make your sesa happy by telling him/her how much you love the gift.

For all those new to the event this is what will happen in a couple of hours:

-We will reveal all authors and in the fan art area display all images with signatures

-We will send to all recipients the high res images :)

-Now you can answer feedback.

-All fan artists can upload their images to DA, their sites, tumblr etc.

-All fan fic writers can upload their stories to their personal archives.

We will send you a mail to let you guys know when your name is up! :D Aren’t you excited????  yay!


We are trying to get it done when the clock strikes 12:00 o’clock but if we can’t, reveal will be done for sure tomorrow (right now is 6:30 -Jan 5th).

We are almost, *almost* done for the season. Thanks again!