For Ariadne  – Kalos Eerthes by Aurea

For Aurea  – Mastersmith by Toffee

For Derrewyn – It Seems the Future You Felt… by Hounsou

For Ghaidin – Responsibility  by Plantress

For Galaxian – Memories  by Yami Jay

For Jenny DeVic – Figures of Happiness  by Chibi Myy

For Kitsuneko – The Feathers I Lost / The Wings You Gave Me by Galaxian

For Myy – Eye of the Beholder by Jenny DeVic

For Plantress – A Second Chance at First Impressions by Luxshine



For Hounsou – The Streets Have No Name by Millerna

For Kuriboh – Cosmos by Ariadne

For Luxshine – A Stone Tower by Kuriboh

For Millerna – L’appel Du Vide by Derrewyn

For Toffee – United by Death by Jenny DeVic

For Yami Jay – A Foster Home for Found Souls by Ghaidin