Submission guidelines for Fan fic

-every step must be followed, please help us out!-

 Deadline is on December 15th. You are welcome to submit your work earlier.  For all those who decide to send the work during the 15th, please bear in mind that we close our inbox on the 15th at 12:00 pm. All people who deliver after 12:00 pm without letting us know prior to the closing hour will be banned.


  • Fan fics go live on Dec 24th. Author reveal is on Jan 6th. Until then, please DO NOT post your fanfic anywhere, until the author reveal is done.
  • The mods live in Colombia and México -one hour difference right now-. . For your convenience a Count down clock will be displayed on the site on the last day of submission, so that if you live outside America or outside the mods’ timezone you can track how long you have left to deliver your assignment. However, please plan delivery accordingly and when you do submit, please follow the rules explained below.
  • All Fan fics should be sent to our inbox first (sts.sesa at gmail dot com) -this if for backup purposes. In case you cannot log in, or come across with technical difficulties, we can always do the uploading for you ;)
  • All mails should have the following subject:
    Your name + Fan Fic. If  your fan fic  is Yaoi, add +Yaoi at the end (yourname + Fan fic + Yaoi)
  • The file should be a .doc file (not a xdoc file or anything with strange extensions. The mods have MACS, please consider that). If you can’t submit it as we are requesting, please submit a text file, or an html file, but specify format -as to italics, or bold parts that are within your fan fic). It should be sent via mail. Unless you can’t , please attach it to your mail.
  • The files should have a title (inside and on the label) -that is of course unless you decide your fic name is ‘Untitled’. That is o.k as well.
  • The file name should have the recpients name on it as well. Like so:   Your name + title

If your fic is yaoi:                  Your name + title + yaoi

  • Stories should not be sent with indents or html tags. That is, stories having sentences like this:“Shun looked smart, <i>thinking</i> that he could somehow, blow the lid.”It should go like this:“Shun looked smart, thinking that he could somehow, blow the lid.” (format remains when copy pasting to a wordpress window).
  • After we receive your mail you’ll be granted access to our site. You will be responsible for uploading your fic .  You’ll recieve a password and a username and a click to log in. Follow the  tutorial attached to your mail to log in and submitt your fic to the wordpress. PLEASE REMEMBER: do not put your name anywhere in the posted work. We’ll do that later on once the site is closed to submissions.
  • After you upload your fic you MUST CONTACT US TO LET US KNOW. That way we’ll be able to cross out your name off the Sesa pending list :D
  • Should you have any problems uploading your fic, please contact us. We’ll be happy to help.