Please, read this carefully before signing up.

Should you have any questions about the rules, don’t hesitate and drop us a mail, or read our FAQ


How does the Sesa works?


1.- All participants  write a fanfic (in English) or draw a piece of fan art for another participant. Recipients are assigned to you via a draw.

2.- The stories have a minimum length of 3.000 words. There’s no upper word limit.

3.- The fan art doesn’t have to follow any rules of ‘length’ ;). However O.C’s are not allowed in this event. This means you cannot request an O.C Woman + Saint of your liking romantically involved. Other than that you are good to go ^^

4.- When you sign up you’ll be requested to fill in a form, where you’ll be able to give hints to your Sesa of what you would like to receive! This will also make things easier for you as a Sesa when crafting the perfect X-mas gift for your recipient!

5.- All participants can decide if they want a disclosed or undisclosed recipient.

6.-You have three months to work on your assignment! :D THREE FULL MONTHS! Yay!

7.- Whatever you choose, please keep in mind that this is a Secret Santa event. So please try to keep your recipient and the gift you are making, yes, you guessed,  secret.


Considering STS has so many spin offs, is there a restriction as to what I can request?

Yes, this is a *Classic* Saint Seya gift exchange. That means you can only ask stuff related to the 80’s classic series.  Lost Canvas, Episode G, Omega and other spin offs are not part of the event.


What about the deadlines?

1.- All gifts are due (with no exception) on Dec 15, at the most at 12 pm (Colombia/Mexico time) Please keep this in mind when signing up. Due dates and submissions need to be followed.

2.- All assignments have to be delivered in the following fashion (this for organizational purposes).

Fan art

Fan Fic


What if I did my best and I still can’t make it to the deadline?


Well, you can ask for an extension, however keep in mind that:

1.-Extensions only give you a few extra days tops, and there’s got to be a good reason for them. We know life gets in the way, but there’s a reason we start this exchange so early, so that we can keep as many situations away as possible.

2.-Speaking about situations that happen, we recommend you use drop box as a back-up. If your computer breaks you can always retrieve your fan fic or fan art from there :) We the mods, review each extension request closely.

3.- If you were granted an extension, your gift will be expected on the new due given date.


What if I don’t deliver at all? (With extension or sans extension)


1.- If you contact us in a timely fashion to let us know, you’ll still get an invitation for next year.

2.- If you drop off of the radar without delivering the story or drawing you’ll be banned from taking part on future sesas (this rule applies on Dec 15th at 12 pm)


So, taking all of the above in consideration: If you think you can’t pull it through on time, then please, don’t sign up. Send kudos, provide long hours of hand holding and tons of coffee, leave tons of feedback once the gifts are up! :D  It’s the best for all the people involved (and we will really thank you for your support)..


Ah yes… finally, If you think you have the time to help us out as pinch hitters (write stories or draw fanart as a replacement for a sudden drop out on the part of the person in charge). Send us an e-mail.