Non Yaoi

For Ariadne – The Spare By Torquemada

For Chibi Myy – Sunset By Yami Jay

For Cygny – Honor and Duty By Plantress

For Hounsou – Memoirs of the Asgard Musician By Kitsuneko

For Jenny DeVic – Among Cannibals By Derrewyn

For Kitsuneko – Christmas on TV By Hounsou

For Lady Susan – Of Gods and Men By Cygny

For Millie – Goddess By Ariadne

For Muinteor – Will You Look into the Mirror? By Lady Susan

For Plantress – Cry No More By Jenny DeVic

For Torquemada – Saturnalia By Muinteor


For Derrewyn – Three  Mistakes By Chibi Myy

For Toffee – Safety Suit By Millie

For Yami-Jay – Forewarned By Toffee