Non yaoi

For Plantress Wanna Bet? by Cygny

For Myy Iddle Time by Ivy Moon

For Millie The Greater of Evils by Didio

For Derrewyn The Blackened Box, The Diamond Chain by Taichara

For Aurea – Growing Pains by Derrewyn

For Ghaidin. Doubtful Ones – by Millie

For Cygny – A Promising Future by Joe

For Asphodel Forever and Always by Irina

For Galaxian My Nemesis by Kamiya Sama

For Ivy MoonEmotions by Plantress

For IrinaUntitled by Anca

For Kamiya SamaIncomplete by Galaxian

For JoeDreams of Beginnings, Dreams of Ends by Ghaidin

For DidioBygones by Toffee

For Taichara Exasperation by Myy


For Kuriboh Recipe by Luxshine

For Yami Jay Being Budhist Has Benefits by Kuriboh

For Luxshine Crash by Ariadne

For Anca Only The Book Knows by Yami Jay

For ToffeeWeek by Aurea