Non yaoi

For AureaEpiphany by Zelha

For Carlos Proud of Myself by Cygny

For CygnyA Tale of Brotherhood Told in Ten Acts by Ariadne

For MyyWinter by Plantress

For Plantress – Solitary Guesses by Vane

For T. Postmortem by Aurea

For Taichara – The Mighty Fallen by Toffee

For Vane Saint Seiya: Memento Mori by Taichara

For Zhela Denial by Plantress


For DerrewynThe Burden of Loyalty by T.

For KuribohBroken and Heal Wings by Yami-Jay

For Lady HookA Tight Spot by Luxshine

For ToffeeViolent Ice by Kuriboh

For Yami JayThirteenth Hour by Myy

For Lady HookStripped by Derrewyn **