Non Yaoi

For Canthre – Diplomatic Christmas by Yami Jay

For Cygny – A Broken Clock Is Right Twice A Day by Jenny Devic

For Galaxian – Regrets by Kamiya

For Hounsou – The Treasures of Heaven by Derrewyn

For Jenny DeVic – Light That Burns in Darkness by Galaxian

For Kamiya Sensei – In The Spirit of Christmas by Cygny

For Kuriboh – The Reclaiming by Millie

For Myy – Proshloye & Budushcheye by Canthre

For Nuri – And with All Her Love by Kuriboh

For Plantress – Storm Rolling by Nuri



For Ariadne – Minor Victories by Toffee

For Derrewyn – Saints of Athena by Ariadne

For Millie – Make The Lamb Bleed by Myy

For Toffee – Once Again by Hounsou

For Jami Jay – Disturbances by Plantress