Non Yaoi

For Ariadne – Two Rebels for Every Rule By Chibi Myy

For Bragi – Harmonious Echo By Galaxian

For Canthre – The Trouble With Christmas By Millie

For Chibi Myy – Introspection By Luxshine

For Lady Susan – Miracles  By Canthre

For Galaxian – Pandora By Leika

For Jenny DeVic – Misgivings By Lady Susan

For Plantress – Ecclesiastes 3:1 By Kuriboh



For Blanche – In Such Times We Are Blessed By Millie

For Derrewyn – Fimbulwinter By Toffee

For Kuriboh – Return to Mu By Jenny DeVic

For Leika-Kannon – Him By Toffee

For Luxshine – A Moment of Peace By Plantress

For Millie – Times of War By Ariadne

For Toffee – When You and I Kissed His Lips By Derrewyn