Here is a small FAQ comprising the most common questions we’ve gotten through out the years.


  • 1. How was the SeSa born?

The Secret Santa tradition began seven years ago in the popslash fandom. There another event carried out during the holidays for a multi-fandom audience. 

Make the Yuletide Gay – Popslash
Yuletide – Multifandom


  • 2. Can anyone join in?

Absolutely yes.


  • 3. Why it is only allowed to request classic STS?

Not all the people who participate in the event care for spin offs. We found out after trial an error that it was better and easier to do the draw if we all wrote about the same core story.


  • 4.-And by classic STS you mean?

Well, all stuff related to the original 80’s cartoon. Roughly it would comprise Galactic tournament, Sanctuary (Battle), Asgaard, Poseidon and Hades. All spin offs are out (LC, Omega, Episode G, Saintia Sho, Next Dimension). The one and only variation to the ‘root’ content would be that you can request an alternative universe setting (saints with regular clothes, say in space or the wild west or whatever tickles your fancy). Of course the alternative universe setting have to be around the characters shown in the original 80’s series.


  • 5. When you do the draw, can you NOT give me my friend/ person I dislike as recipient?

Friendship or frictions among participants are definitely not taken into consideration when the draw is done. The only thing we take into consideration is your preferences as to what you are willing or absolutely won’t write or draw during the event.


  • 6. How do you handle Yaoi in this event?

Since we are few in the challenge, we always ask all participants to have an open mind about yaoi (this, to make the draw easier for us as sometimes the yaoi requests are few and it’s hard to pair them up). For that reason all people who do request yaoi are asked to fill in a non-graphic prompt should they get a Sesa that’s willing to tackle yaoi but not in a descriptive kind of way.


  • 7. I don’t like yaoi/ I don’t like het/I don’t like (insert the category of your choice here), would you give me either even if I opt out?

We’ll respect you choices if you definitely do not want to draw or write yaoi, het, or explicit sex or any other thing that you might find difficult to tackle.


  • 8. I’ve read the list of categories in the sign up form and I only want to write one in particular, Would you take that in consideration when you do the draw?

Absolutely yes. However, if you chose… let’s say, to write or draw only about AU (alternative Universe) and no one requests the one and only category you chose,  you’ll be at risk of being sorted out regardless of your preferences.  This might not be what you want in the end. But again is up to you ;)


  • 9.- Why is the word limit fixed to 3,000 words? Why is it not up to us?

Word limit encourages writers to do their best :D Otherwise we would end up with fics with 500 words long. Since this is a gift-making event, we believe the 3,000 word content gives ample space to craft something not too short for the recipient to enjoy or too long and exhaustive for you as a Sesa.


  • 10. English is not my mother tongue, Can I still write fan fiction as a participant?

As long as you find a beta to proof read your fic and deliver with decent grammar, you are good to go. However if you deliver an illegible fic you’ll be prevented from signing up in this category in future sts events (we do read all the gifts received, so please, keep this in mind when you turn in your assignment). We believe that beta readers are not hard to find  ;)


  • 11.- Does the fan art have to be in any particular technique?

It is up to you.


  • 12.-  Do I have to follow the prompts that I get on my assignment sheet to the letter? Or can I draw or write something loosely based or whatever I want instead?

We ask you to fill in a form to let your Sesa know what you’d like to receive. Prompts are not precisely set in stone, but certainly do show what your recipient is expecting as a gift.

Keep in mind that prompts were added to the form to serve you as a guideline, so that you’d have a less difficult time crafting the perfect gift for your recipient (besides not all the people are very descriptive as to what they want. Some others don’t mind whatever their Sesa wants to give them, as long as it has the characters that they like and asked for in their request).  Remember that someone has your request and you might want to get the gift of your dreams instead of just plain socks -yes, even if you think socks are the greatest gift ever ;)-


  • 13.- What about OCs?

Fan art.-

As the rule page states, OCS are absolutely NOT allowed (especially OCs romantically involved with a saint of your linking). Forms that have requests of the likes of “draw my character Princess Chinchilla with Shaka as a couple” will be disregarded at the spot and the person behind the form will not be counted as part of the event.

Fan Fic.-

OCs on fanart might be permitted as long as they are secondary characters (like, teachers, or lackeys, etc) and that are NOT the focus to the story. However it is not allowed to request a fic with a saint romantically involved with any OCs. If you have plans of introducing any OCs in your story, please keep in mind the preferences of your recipient and check the fics already published here on how other participants have used this type of characters before.


  • 14.- I speak Spanish. Do I have to write mails to you guys always in English?

Not at all. True, we use english as a habit and send mass emails using this language but if you rather contact us in Spanish, that’s ok too.


  • 15. What about the credit over the stories and the arts?

They belong to the writers and the artists only. We hold no credits on the works that will be or that are already on this site (except over the ones we did :P).


  • 16. How do I submit my work?

Our guidelines for submit works are here


  • 17. How about reposting?

Since the fan works shown here, belong to their respective authors or to the recipients to which these were made for, we strongly advice you to ask THEM for permission. Don’t write us about it, because we hold no rights over any written piece or artwork shown here (except to those who were obviously written or drawn by the administrators). Thank you for understanding.

Any other questions, send us an e-mail. (and we’ll add them up here afterwards).