Submission guidelines for Fan Art

-every step is to be followed, please help us out!-

Deadline is on December 15th. You are welcome to submit your work earlier.  For all those who decide to send the work during the 15th, please bear in mind that we close our inbox on the 15th at 12:00 pm. All people who deliver after 12:00 pm without letting us know prior to the closing hour will be banned.

  • Fan arts go live on Dec 24th. Author reveal is on Jan 6th. Until then, please DO NOT post your fan art anywhere, until the author reveal is done.
  • The mods live in Colombia and México -one hour difference right now-. For your convenience a Count down clock will be displayed on the site on the last day of submission, so that if you live outside America or outside the mods’ timezone you can track how long you have left to deliver your assignment. However, please plan delivery accordingly and when you do submit, please follow the rules explained below.
  • All Fan art should be sent to our inbox  (sts.sesa at gmail dot com)
    -If you can’t send heavy files with your email, please upload it to a server.  You can use MediafireSendspace or We-transfer preferably. (Use the SeSa contact addy provided in the contact section of this site to send us the file).
  • All mails should have the following subject: Your name + Fan art if  your fan art is Yaoi, add +Yaoi at the end (yourname + Fan art + Yaoi)
  • All fan artists are required to send Two images in HIGH RES, in JPG format. One with signature and another without signature. The one with signature will be sent after the authors are revealed to your recipient. And yes, although we personally believe that some people have a very distinctive style of drawing –and hence erasing their signatures won’t be that much of a disguise for your recipients- we would like to follow the same rules as with fanfic. Plus appearances can be deceiving :) trust us.
  • If you want to add a message to your sesa within the post containing your image, send it along within your mail. We’ll post it for you :)
  •  Unlike Fan fic you won’t be doing the uploading. We’ll do it for you.  This is to keep the images secret until the last moment ;)  So the minute you send the image you can relax and wait for the reveal.
  • Therefore the images should be named like you would like your post to be named, Like so: X-mas.jpg or Snow.jpg.
  • Please DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME ANYWHERE IN YOUR PIC.  Not even as the file name.  You can put your name obviously in your signed image, but even the file name of said image should not contain your name.
  • Should you have any questions, please contact us. We’ll be happy to help.