So well, you know, I was talking to my cat and he was like: ‘Bitch, either you post the fics and the fan arts now, ya’ hear me?, or else I’ll do it myself!’. And I  was like “No, I want to stick to schedule,”  but then he went like, ‘hell no’ and pressed send to my draft on gmail and now the presents have gone live!!!!

Again I want to take this opportunity to thank Jenny Devic who helped us with the pinch hit this year!  (thank u, thank u!) As usual, please remember to leave feedback on the gift your received.  I’ll be doing the unveiling of the authors on January 6th. Until then: remember, do not answer ANY feedback until the 6th.

 Thanks again and see you on the 6th!


Aurea F. &  Cuzco the bossy cat.


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