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Dear Sesas,

This year was a hell of a year for this challenge, but hey! We’ve made it.

Thank you all for being part of it.

Now, enjoy :)



Aurea & Ari, Your SeSa Mods

Dear Sesas,

Enjoy :)




Aurea & Ari, Your SeSa Mods


The tree is ready. All the presents have been placed under our virtual tree!  You can read-see your gift and also find out who was your recipient! :D Thanks again to all participants who delivered on time and made this possible! This event belongs to you all, so thank you for keeping it alive ^^


For all those new to the event and as a reminder to all those regular participants:


On the sesa we ask every participant to leave feedback. At least on your present (it is part of our tradition!  -sign up/make assigment/deliver gift/peek under the virtual tree-Leave a thank you note to the person who crafted your gift- ^^). Show your Sesa how much you liked your gift or at least thank him/her for the crafted gift. We are sure your sesa will appreciate it! (it is also a sign of good manners  ;)


Since the site is powered by wordpress you can leave your comment right next to the fic or to the fan art . All the praise and thank yous will be sent directly to the person who crafted the gift instantly through his/her registered mail addy. So please take a moment to post a message to your Sesa as all feedback is public and we wouldn’t want to see your sesa cry  over missing feedback ;______;


PLEASE ALL AUTHORS DO NOT ANSWER ANY FEEDBACK RECEIVED. (seriously we will delete ANY answer to any feedback). On January 6th we will do the author reveal. We will be sending mails to let you know your names are up there and THEN you’ll be able, if you wish to do so, to answer all feedback.


Aaaaan before we go and let you guys enjoy the presents, the result of all this hard and thoughtful work, we would like to take a moment to thank Millie and Toffee who pinch hit for us ans thus saved our very-jolly-elve -butts.Thanks girls for helping us out!
Oh and as usual if ANYTHING looks wonky or is not working for you, please let us know. We’ll try to fix it ASAP
Merry x-mas to all! :D
Ari and Aurea, The Sesa Mods.

~ Make Your Cosmos Reach The Stars – Santa Seiya Secret Santa 2012 –

We know it’s a little bit early according to our schedule, but complications arose and we don’t want to keep you waiting until after January 1st.

So enjoy yourselves and please don’t forget to leave feedback if you haven’t. See you next year!!! :D

Hey everyone!

We just wanted to let you know that the stories and arts are now available for you to watch.

Thank you to all of you for your great effort. We couldn’t have made this without you guys! A special thank you to our pinch hitters as well.

Remember to leave feedback to the wonderful works you’ll see and read here.  To the authors, please don’t reply to said feedback until the reveal, OK?

2010 – Saint Seiya Stories

2010 – Saint Seiya Arts

Merry Christmas!

~Your mods.