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All assignments have been sent for fanfic as we won’t be having any fanart this year.

Please keep in mind the deadline for delivery.

Thanks a lot and happy writing!!!


Deadline is closed.

Thank you very much! We can almost ‘call it a night’ and rest for the season.

The sesa elves are still working on certain details for the great reveal but this has been a wonderful season! Thank you all for making this possible.


The reveal will be done on Dec 24th at 12:pm -that is on the beginning of the 25th. We will send you a mail notifying you that the gifts are up. As a reminder to all those who are regular participants and as a note-to-self for to all those who are new to the event,  we ask you to at least, leave feedback on your gift. This will show your Sesa not only that you did read or saw the image especially crafter for him/her, but also that you are thankful for the gift your received.

Remember that the Sesa was also created to interact with new people, so if you  have the chance to see all images and read all fics, take five minutes to leave feedback. We are sure all artist and writers will appreciate it very much! :D

So stayed tuned. The reveal is close!!!

<—- Deadline clock.

Well, tomorrow is our deadline. Please prepare your assigments. 
Today for us (Ari and Aurea) is Dec 14th (we live in America. Mexico and Colombia. Time tables are the same in both countries). As of right now it is 12:33 to be exact. Tomorrow the clock starts ticking. We want all assignments to be in our inbox ON TIME.
We we’ll NOT be accepting assignments arriving after 12 pm on the 15th (nighttime, obviously). All banning rules will apply if assignments are delivered late.
If you ran into an unexpected situation, please contact us beforehand to let us know :) That way we’ll prevent unpleasant misunderstandings. However, if you are running late, you’ll be expected to honor the delivery and we’ll be waiting for your gift a couple of hours later -NOT a couple of days later– <—– please take this into consideration.
All those who have been participating over the years, you know what to do. Send email to notify us, then we’ll open access for you so that you can post your fic.
As usual, if you ran into unexpected bugs or you can’t access your account, please contact us to let us know, o.k?
We remind Fan artists that we will be posting assignments this year.  Please follow guidelines posted in our site closely. We don’t want to be reminding you of badly labeled emails and images.
Please guys! help us out!
To all those who have delivered, thank you very much for being so committed to the event. You are the stars of the show!!!! :D
Please, we remind you not to post your work anywhere until January 6th.

Ohh, we are almost done for the season.

Please all those who have questions as to how to submit can check our guidelines:

Fan fic

Fan art

Should you have ANY questions about the uploading -especially those new to the event-  drop us a line! we’ll be happy to help.

At last but not least, please all fan works submitted to the challenge can’t be posted anywhere UNTIL the author reveal is done (jan 6th). My apologies, we are usually the same people over and over again, and we often forget that this year, the count of participant rose to the roof  and some of you didn’t know about that.

We’ll try to add this bit in the FAQ or in the rule page. In any case for those who already delivered your assignments, sit back and enjoy freedom! The elves will be working behind the curtain to get your presents wrapped and ready for this x-mas eve!

We’re almost there!!!!

All the assignments have been sent :D

you should have in your inbox your shiny new task for this 24th (well, december’s 24th). And as you can see, the site is BACK ON babyyyy!!!  Remember to reply to our assignment email to let us know that you are on and ready to work on your gift (all of those who have done it already, thank you so much! thanks for helping us out!!!).

Happy Drawing and writting!!!

See you on December 15th

Oh, oh, and I forgot to add: Thanks to Mane (one of our Fan Art participants) and to the Saint Seiya Fan Art DA community  (this is their DA com)for promoting our event. Thanks to you we have lots of participants this year!. Thanks for helping us out! :D you are the brightest stars of our show!

The Sesa Mods: Ariadne & Aurea

Happy writting and drawing for all the people who signed up.

Here’s a reminder of all due dates, for a quick check :


-Deadline: Dec 15th
(this date is unmovable, please take this into consideration)
-Fan works go live: Dec 25th
-Authors reveal: January 6th

For submissions we’ll send you a mail shortly as to how to submitt (when due date gets closer).

Should you have any problems regarding your fic, or fan art, and you need an extension, please contact us. A two day extension will be granted in case you need one. but remember to contact us first. Remember that dropping out of the radar or not delivering on time, causes permanent banning from the event. Any questions pertaining the rules, check out this link


Your Sesa Mods
Ariadne & Aurea

Dear Sesas,
Most of you have already replied telling us you’ve received your assignments. Thank you very much for letting us know.
Now enjoy the writing and drawing season!!