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Authors have been revealed (finally!).

Thank you all to everyone who’s come to read and a big shout out to all those who participated.

We’ll see you again in September!!!


~ The Mods

Authors have been revealed.

Thank you for another successful year! See you at the end of 2014.


The Sesa Mods

Ariadne and Aurea.


Well, this is me just letting you know that the sesa assignments were already sent and we are good to go.

Should you have any further questions don’t hesitate and ask me. :)

Thanks for voting :)

Screen cap of results.

Screen cap of results.

Please be on the watch for the Sesa 2013 invitation. Any further questions that you may have please write to us to the sesa mail, or leave a comment below.

The mods.

Thank you so much for another succesful Sesa Year! As promised the authors’ names have been posted, so now you can know who your santa is! So all that’s left so say is:   See you at the end… er… middle of 2012 for this year’s sesa round :D!!!

And of course may all your wishes come true in 2012. Happy New Year!

Ariadne & Aurea

Sesa Mods.


So well, you know, I was talking to my cat and he was like: ‘Bitch, either you post the fics and the fan arts now, ya’ hear me?, or else I’ll do it myself!’. And I  was like “No, I want to stick to schedule,”  but then he went like, ‘hell no’ and pressed send to my draft on gmail and now the presents have gone live!!!!

Again I want to take this opportunity to thank Jenny Devic who helped us with the pinch hit this year!  (thank u, thank u!) As usual, please remember to leave feedback on the gift your received.  I’ll be doing the unveiling of the authors on January 6th. Until then: remember, do not answer ANY feedback until the 6th.

 Thanks again and see you on the 6th!


Aurea F. &  Cuzco the bossy cat.



In few hours I’ll be revealing the presents. Many thanks to Jenny Devic who helped us with the pinch hit this year!  and thank you all for a successful SeSa season :D

As usual, please remember to leave feedback on the gift your received (It would be awesome if we all could read and see all the presents, and leave feedback ^___^.  Hope you can all do that as well. ).  I’ll be doing the unveiling at 12:00 pm today, o.k?

Oh and btw, I will be giving away a free pic to whoever guesses which fic I wrote. Thanks again!


Aurea F.

Ladies, as a reminder: Deadline is tomorrow (15th).

Please don’t forget to send me your assigments and notify me when you are done with the uploading! :D

we are almost there! thank you for all your efforts!!!!


Happy writting and drawing for all the people who signed up.

Here’s a reminder of all due dates, for a quick check :


-Deadline: Dec 15th
(this date is unmovable, please take this into consideration)
-Fan works go live: Dec 25th
-Authors reveal: January 6th

For submissions we’ll send you a mail shortly as to how to submitt (when due date gets closer).

Should you have any problems regarding your fic, or fan art, and you need an extension, please contact us. A two day extension will be granted in case you need one. but remember to contact us first. Remember that dropping out of the radar or not delivering on time, causes permanent banning from the event. Any questions pertaining the rules, check out this link


Your Sesa Mods
Ariadne & Aurea

Thank you so much to all those who sign in for this year’s sesa. Tomorrow I’ll be sending your assigments along with all the list of the due dates!

I’m sorry that I removed the sign up links earlier, but I’m not going to be in front of the computer for the next couple of hours. However if you were counting with this extra hours to sign in, send me a mail (sts mail)  and I’ll send you the link to sign up. Remember to specify which category you want to sign into when you send me the mail.

This offer of course expires once the clock strikes 12:00 pm (today’s).

Aurea F.